Looking for Luke


A Documentary on Luke Tang's Life

Luke Tang was a well-liked, passionate, and brilliant Harvard sophomore who took his family and friends by surprise when he decided to take his own life. “Looking for Luke” is a short documentary film following Luke’s parents, Wendell and Christina, as they attempt to understand why he did this by reading through his journals and talking to his closest friends. As they piece together what happened, they begin to uncover the truth about their son’s death.



The Producers

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With a background in filmmaking and medicine, Eric is a director who makes films that heal. Upon graduating from Harvard Medical School, he decided to pursue filmmaking full-time. Previously, Eric co-founded Jubilee Project, a production company that makes films to inspire change. He helped write, direct, produce, and edit films that have been seen by millions around the world. Currently, Eric with his partner Elaine created “elu studios” to make films that can shape hearts and minds. Eric directed “Looking for Luke” with the hopes of shattering the stigma around mental health in the Asian American community. Follow him on Twitter @ericilu.

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As an editor, Elaine finds joy in creating powerful and moving films. Previously, Elaine graduated from New York University Stern School of Business. After several years of working in finance, Elaine decided to try something new and became the Chief Operating Officer and producer at Jubilee Project, a production company that makes films to inspire change. Since then, Elaine has found her true passion in editing and works together with Eric to make films that heal. Follow her on twitter @elainecoin.